Lessons meant for people with a horse who would like to learn some basic groundwork exercises to improve their relationship and gain more knowledge and understanding or who would just like some extra tips.

Lessons in mainly:

  • loose work (moving in harmony)

  • long lining (double line lunging/ground driving)

  • circle work on line for focus and relaxation

  • yielding front- and hindquarters

  • flexing

WHERE? Where your horse lives.


HOW LONG? A lesson takes as long as it takes... we work on the horse's clock, always ending on a good note. On average about 45 minutes.


COSTS?* €30 for a groundwork lesson

No matter what you want to learn, if I see that there is more going on, for example, a behavioral issue or a bad relationship between horse and owner, or you would like to dive in deeper, I suggest doing the Pyramid of Harmony-program. We can discuss this during the intake.

Here you can read more about my philosophy and approach.

Contact me to set up a free intake meeting. Depending on the intake, we can also start the first session right away.
















*Prices are including 21% tax, excluding travel expenses.

  Travel expenses are 0,20 per km, calculated from 2241 SC, Wassenaar. Within a 10km radius, free from travel expenses.

  "The wider the foundation, the higher you can reach."
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