Pyramid of Harmony

Intensive program meant for:

  • Starting under saddle;

  • Problem horses which can best be restarted;

  • People that would just like to start from the beginning with their horse, even though he's already broke to ride;

Everything is in combination with personal development for the owner and energy healing for the horse.

Specific behavioral issues

Solving for example:

  • trailerloading issues

  • farrier issues

  • vet issues (eg. vaccinating/de-worming)

  • fear for water

  • not standing still for mounting

  • cinchy

  • biting

  • leading problems (or going for a walk)

  • ... but also general desensitizing (obstacle course)

Groundwork lessons

Meant for people with a horse who would like to learn some basic groundwork exercises to improve their relationship and gain more knowledge and understanding or who would just like some extra tips.

Lessons in mainly:

  • loose work (moving in harmony)

  • long lining

  • circle work on line for focus and relaxation

  • yielding front- and hindquarters

  • flexing


FREE donkey help

Donkeys have stolen a piece of my heart. These animals often have a very hard life worldwide, being used mainly as working animals under awful circumstances. A donkey is definitely not the same as a horse, they have a lot of differences in contrary to what many people might think. Out of love for these animals and to contribute to making the world a better place for them, I offer free donkey help. I work with them on general things which make daily interactions more pleasant for them and for you, for example, leading, standing for the farrier and vet, de-worming and brushing. Also, if there is anything specific you would like to do with your donkey, like going for walks or ground driving, we can work on that as well. Do you have one or multiple donkeys and could really use some assistance, please contact me, I'd love to help out! I only ask for a reimbursement of travel expenses (0,20ct/km).

  "The wider the foundation, the higher you can reach."
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