Intensive program meant for:

  • Starting under saddle;

  • Problem horses which can best be restarted;

  • People that would just like to start from the beginning with their horse, even though he's already broke to ride;

Everything is in combination with clicker training, personal development for the owner and energy healing for the horse.

WHERE? Wherever your horse lives.


HOW LONG? As long as it takes... The duration of this program depends mainly on: the amount of sessions per week, the weather, the available facilities, the knowledge and abilities of the horse and owner, any problems the horse might have and above all, the mental and physical state of the horse. What you might be able to achieve with one horse in a month, it might take 2 months or longer for another horse. Since this program is much intenser than simply a lesson a week, you are really able to dive in deeper, which is necessary to guide you and your horse to the top of the pyramid. The pyramids weren't built in one day! ;)

You could see it as if your horse is in training at his own place, instead of taking your horse somewhere else; plus, now you are more involved.

Each session takes as long as it takes. We work on the horse's clock, always ending on a good note. On average it takes about an hour, partially training the horse, partially training you.

COSTS?* €30,- per session

                 €275,- for a 10-sessions package (10% discount on the regular price); only when paid in advance.

Including unlimited guidance over the phone (call or whatsapp) outside of the sessions and once the program has finished.

What can you expect to gain from this program?

A harmonious partnership with a horse which: you can walk-trot-canter on a loose rein in a halter (without spurs, whips, side reins etc.), is soft, likes to work together, can control himself in exciting or scary situations, looks to you as his chosen leader and asks you for guidance, is mentally present (focused) and can do all kinds of general daily things without problems (for example, farrier, vet, trailer loading, saddling up, catching, hosing down).

But also personal development for you as his owner regarding self-reflection, personal leadership and inner peace. You will also learn to better read and understand your horse, so that you don't only know how to apply certain techniques but can also judge what it is he needs from you.

The horse is perceived as an equal partner, everything will be done from mutual trust and respect. We will begin at the beginning, so you are expected not to go riding until we get to that point in the program. The majority of the pyramid consists of groundwork. If that goes well, translating it to the saddle is only a small step, since he already knows all the answers from the ground.

This is quite an intensive program, which you can gain a lot from if you put in a lot. To be able to help you and your horse the best I can, I ask 100% commitment and trust. Try to find a period where you know you will be able to put in the time and effort. We will keep an open communication and you may always call or whatsapp if you have any questions.

Here you can read more about my philosophy and approach.

Contact me to set up a free intake, during which I will come meet you and your horse, we will go over the concrete pyramid and I will explain the whole program in detail! :)

*Prices are including 21% tax, excluding travel expenses.

  Travel expenses are 0,20 per km, calculated from 2241 SC, Wassenaar. Within a 10km radius, free from travel expenses.

  "The wider the foundation, the higher you can reach."
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