"The key to a harmonious life is following your heart from a place of inner peace and strength."






Do you feel as if life just kind of drags on and you are being lived?

Do you feel a bit lost in what to do with your life?

Do you want to discover your life purpose?

Could you use some extra insight to see whether you are on the right track?

Are you craving balance, a state of harmony in your life?

Are you constantly nodding 'yes' while I ask you these questions?



Okay, great, but how?

Through the use of various coaching models and meditation I will guide you in climbing the pyramid, striving for a harmonious life (the top of the pyramid). We will work through 3 important phases: 

​​​1) OPEN YOUR HEART! In this phase we focus on finding inner peace and strength, through which your heart is free to open up. 

2) LISTEN TO YOUR HEART! In this phase we take a look at where you are in life at the moment and where you would actually like to go. We make this as specific as possible; visualize the life you want! Also, we will shine a light on the beliefs that are consciously or subconsciously limiting you in reaching your goal and then change these.

3) FOLLOW YOUR HEART! In this phase we specify a few action steps which will help you reach the top of the pyramid, step by step; creating a life of harmony, a happy and balanced life. Reaching the top is a life goal in itself, but every step up, is a step closer to the top!

The entire coaching process will be done through Skype (with few exceptions).







What can you expect to get out of this?

... a more specific life goal;

... more insight in what is truly important to you;

... more balance and structure in your current life;

... clarity about which direction to go;

... more inner peace and strength through meditation;

... a refreshing feeling of hope, optimism and renewed motivation;

... see the bigger picture again;

... insight in your supporting and limiting beliefs;

... specific action steps to get closer to your dream;

... a little encouraging push;




The process consists of:

  • a 10-minute introduction call through Skype, mainly to test the connection, both technical and personal :)

  • 2 sessions (on average 1,5-2 hours per session), with - as preferred - 2 weeks or a month in between and some homework questions

  • a follow-up call, a month after the second session

  • a detailed report of the coaching sessions, so that you can always re-read it

All of this for €120,-* (incl. a short guided meditation recording for at home)                          ! SPRING DISCOUNT: only €90,- (25% off) !

If you decide not to continue after the first session, you only pay €60,-* (during spring discount: €45,-)

Getting curious, wanting more information or are you thinking "let's do this!"? Then please contact me!

(*prices are including tax)

  "The wider the foundation, the higher you can reach."
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