A Poem About The Mustang That Stole My Heart

February 29, 2016

When I was in California last year, at Monty Roberts' Flag is Up Farms, I met a mustang called Casanova. I fell in love with him the moment I first saw him. Of all horses I have met so far, he is the most special to me. He inspired me and taught me so much. I wanted to put this experience into words, so I decided to write a poem...

In sunny California, our eyes first met

Your beauty was mesmerizing, like watching the sun set

Both of us entering a new challenging phase

Not knowing what would happen, over the next few days


Wild and untouched, is how your life began

Before you were brought into the world of men

First to a rescue center, then to this farm

How could you know, I don't mean you any harm?


In your innocent brown eyes, all humans are bad

No wonder these memories keep making you mad

They put you in a chute and cause you pain and stress

You kick and strike, rear and bite, without any success


Then here we come, my dear friend and I

Into that chute you go again, probably wondering why

For the very first time we put a halter on you

Nobody asking for your point of view


And so you became our 'project horse',

We said "no more chute for a while, no more force"

Only advance and retreat, in your own pen

Maybe we weren't as bad after all, as those other men


Curiosity started to replace anger and fear

Allowing me to touch you made me shed a tear

Those big brown eyes could look right through me

You finally began to trust and decided not to flee


The progress we made was slow but steady,

No need to hurry, you will tell us when you're ready

After a month, however, it was time for me to leave

That you now belong to a friend of mine, is a big relief


"First you go with the horse, then the horse goes with you,

then you go together", Tom Dorrance already knew

Dear Casanova, you are an inspiration to me

Remember, in your heart and soul, you will always be free




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