Solving for example:

  • trailerloading issues

  • farrier issues

  • vet issues (eg. vaccinating/de-worming)

  • fear for water

  • not standing still for mounting

  • cinchy

  • biting

  • leading problems (or going for a walk)

  • ... but also general desensitizing (obstacle course)

WHERE? Where your horse lives.


HOW LONG? A session takes as long as it takes... we work on the horse's clock, always ending on a good note. On average about an hour, partially training the horse, partially training you. The amount of sessions necessary for a good and lasting result depends on, for example, the degree of the problem, the knowledge and abilities of horse and owner and the mental and physical state of the horse.


COSTS?* €30 per session


If the horse is strongly mentally absent (lack of focus or shut down), the relationship with the owner is lacking, or if he has multiple problems, I suggest doing the Pyramid of Harmony-program and rebuild the pyramid. This way you solve about 99% of the issues automatically. Any problems left can be worked on extra. A visible problem is often a symptom of an underlying cause. Often this relates back to a lack of self esteem (of horse and owner), leadership qualities of the owner, mental absence of the horse, learned negative behavior (possibly because of the owner's lack of knowledge), and - not to mention - physical or mental pain. By rebuilding the pyramid we work on all these points and the horse and owner will develop the foundation necessary for a relaxed and positive future.

Here you can read more about my philosophy and approach.

Contact me to set up a free intake meeting. Depending on the intake, we can also start the first session right away.













*Prices are including 21% tax, excluding travel expenses.

  Travel expenses are 0,20 per km, calculated from 2241 SC, Wassenaar. Within a 10km radius, free from travel expenses.

  "The wider the foundation, the higher you can reach."
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